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9jaVAR (Visual Assistant Referees) is your No 1 Unofficial UEFA Champions League Website.

9jaVAR Stands to be an Online VAR Hub that embraces people from every culture and discipline to get informed on every information taking place in the world of Football.

9jaVAR houses the Latest Champions League News, Fixtures, Predictions, Matches, Preview, Tables & Results all in One place.

Our primary focus is only on Champions League News Gist for now. We might introduce other competitions as progress…

We believe that “Information is power and ideas are meant to be mutual“. That’s why our Main Focus on 9jaVAR.com is to make Latest News on UEFA CL accessible and spark positive conversations and interactions.

We also try our best to give matchless and vital Entertaining information in such a way it can be easily understood, as we aim to be one of the top sites in the world at large.

At 9jaVAR.

We curate Soccer Headlines from Other Sports News Website for your ever ending benefits.

Feel free to use the search button on the header of our site to search for anything you want. It could be a “Footballers Name, Football Club, anything”. and you will get the full Gist.

9jaVAR.com launched officially on May 2019 and it’s currently one of the fastest growing online Soccer platform in Nigeria and World at large.

We partner with a YouTube Channel (Story Story). With that being revealed, 9jaVAR is growing public in top tier countries like United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia and United States etc.

9jaVAR houses only 3 Creators at the moment of this publish. If you want to partner with us in your own field, let US know. We are ready to shoot higher with you.

We Wish To Have In Our Armory

  • SEO experienced Sports Writers
  • Video Creators (for our channel)
  • Graphic Designers
  • more to come…

Note: Published posts here are mainly for educational and / or entertainment purposes ONLY.

Subsequently, 9jaVAR writers are not professionals; we just publish our views which you are allowed to do too.

If you disagree with an info derived from any post published here, you can leave your points on the comment box below.

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We love sports and as critical-thinkers we have our own view on every football match result.

WE can change / re-think our views anytime AS WE LIKE…

In other words, All articles published on 9javar.com is for entertainment purposes ONLY.

We do not make any warranties about the reliability and accuracy of these information. Taking action with information gotten on this site is at Your Own Risk.

We are strongly behind copyright policy. DON’T COPY / EDIT / PUBLISH / TAP / REARRANGE / REPRODUCE / RE-WRITE / RE-WHATEVER any of the articles here… Cos if any content theft alert hits us. We won’t take it likely.

– Amen.