Romelu Lukaku Career – The Curtain of My Dreams Opened Today

Romelu Lukaku career

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Romelu Lukaku career and dream as a professional footballer started today as declared by the Manchester United Forward.

In recent weeks, The Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku has been heavily linked to Inter Milan, and a personal terms have been reportedly reached.

Romelu Lukaku has been criticized a lot in the past by Manchester United Supporters for his lack of finishing touches in the final third.

However Romelu Lukaku is celebrating his Football career and achieving his dreams of being a professional footballer today.

Lukaku is 26 years and he started his Football career at the age of 16 years (10 years ago). He took to his twitter handle to celebrate himself.

Also in support if his talent is his first club Anderlecht #Rscanderlecht

Romelu Posted “On this day 10 years ago! My dream came out & I made my debut for the club of my 💙 @rscanderlecht. I’m grateful to all the players & coaches for helping me & guiding me!”

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