Everton Vs Manchester United Highlights 4 : 0 What an embarrassment

Everton vs manchester united

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Everton vs manchester united was a game that the world was waiting to watch

Manchester united entered the premier league match with the aim of winning or getting a wonderful three points from for their push to be a wonderful spot in the top four.

but what went wrong is what we did not know

As the game started, Everton came out flying against the reds as they were goals falling the united goal post.

Two wonderful and beautiful goals came in the first half and the remaining goals were scored in the second half.

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Funny enough, it was reported that David De Gea wanted to leave the goal post when the fourth game came from theo Walcott, lol.

Today’s match was really a tight experience for manchester united as they got an embarrassing defeat from everton who was even beaten last week from a relegated Fulham team,

Everton Vs Manchester United; how the goals came

The first goal came in the 13th minute when Richardson who scored a volley from a long throw

in a short time in the 28th minutes another goal was scored by Siggursson, after a wonderful run through the midfield which saw him beat Almighty De Gea in the near post with his right foot.

As the second half commenced, it was expected that manchester united will come out and give a fight,

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but it was surprisingly that the second half was exactly like the first half.

More goals came from the Tophies strikers lucas digne and Theo Walcott, who scored a wonderful strike by dunking a low slot pass De Gea.

This is really an embarrassing experience for manchester united and they have to wake up if they want to finish at the top four spots on the english premier league.

Though they will be hoping for arsenal to drop some points at home to crystal palace.

with this Everton defeat, manchester united is still at the 4th place in the english premier league

They are awaiting matches from arsenal and Chelsea before they are sure of their stand this week.


What do you make of this information?

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Watch Everton Vs Manchester United Highlights

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